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    July 7, 2013
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pages like this clearly vulgar, they are not. that is wrap on news watch thanks to our panel. i'm eric shawn, keep it right here on the fox news channel. >> gregg: fox news alert. new details now in the crash of flight 214 in san francisco. two teenage girls from china on their way to enjoy a classic american summer tradition are now instead confirmed dead. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new honor inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. they were on their way to summer camp. so far they are the only fatalities in the crash that spared so many others. hundred people remain hospitalized with various injuries. 49 in critical condition. 53 of the patients originally hospitalized and treated at san francisco
general hospital including 26 children. a little while ago the chief of surgery there described the kinds of injuries they are handling. >> what we did see are patterns are large amounts of abdominal injuries, a huge amount of spine fractures, some of them including paralysis. some head trauma and multiple types of orthopedic injuries. >> gregg: now the investigation into what caused the airplane to break apart on landing. claudia live in san francisco international airport with the latest. >> reporter: gregg, we are awaiting a news conference to be held in just about half an hour with city and airport officials as well as investigators with the ntsb who arrived here overnight and begun piecing together the moments just before yesterday's fatal plane crash. with the most critical evidence already being analyzed at agency headquarters in washington, d.c. talking about those
two black boxes. the cockpit voice recorder is one of them. that will provide insight what was going on with the crew. if the pilots knew there was a problem and how they were communicating with each other. the digital flight data recorder will have information about the air speed, altitude, flap positions and overall how the boeing 777 was functioning. they will go out in the debris field which extends out over the water of san francisco bay. they will look at what is known as glide slope it indicators special lights that assist during landing. they had not been in service due to recent construction. n.t.s.b. is pulling surveillance video at cameras as well as from surrounding businesses and before it's all over, they will have a computer simulation of exactly what happened, not only to determine the cause of this crash but to prevent future tragedies. based on eyewitness accounts we have created our own animation,
passengers say the plane came in too low over the water. the tail hit the ground and broke off. plane skidded down the runway and filled up with smoke. one survivor managed to escape with her injured son through a hole that opened up in the aircraft. >> the plane. when i see the fire. >> reporter: more than 300 people were able to escape. two 16-year-old girls were found dead. 19 people remain hospitalized at san francisco general. six of them are said to be in critical condition. back here live at san francisco international airport, there are encouraging signs now that
three of the four runways here are open again. so more planes are able to get in and out but dozens of flights have been cancelled. faa is reporting nine-hour delays for those flights that are able to depart. hundreds of stranded passengers are now scrambling to make other travel plans. that is not wait they wanted to wrap up this holiday weekend. just a reminder an upcoming press conference with investigators from the n.t.s.b. and expect to hear from some of the first responders, 225 first responders that were on the scene within minutes and helped ensure the survival of so many passengers. >> gregg: incredible work by the first responders. thanks. >> heather: loss out of china, taking moments after a couple learned the death of their daughter on flight 214. they are being consoled by other students who were on
board the flight when it crashed at san francisco international airport. they are gathered at middle school to wait for news for their children after the accident occurred. two young girls killed on the flight they were both from the same school. >> the meantime, emergency officials releasing audio from a fire department dispatcher. take a listen. >> we are approaching the north field checkpoints. i've got what appears to be a moderate column of smoke from a downed plane. make this a red alert. we've got a large plane, well involved in fire. airport units are applying foam. we've got a number of people that are off the plane. >> gregg: n.t.s.b. sb recovering already the black boxes from that boeing triple 7. they arriving in d.c. for analysis. they hope to interview the crew from asiana crew
today. >> heather: until the crash of the boeing 777. had an unblemished record. there were two major crashes involved asiana since they were founded back in 1988. investigators will be looking closely at past performance. dominic is live in los angeles with more on this. >> reporter: most certainly will be looking at past performance. the company's management says they don't believe it is mechanical failure. they did acknowledge the crew's experience. >> we bought in plane in march of 2006. it's a prat whitney 49 engine. there were no problems caused by the 777-200 plane. three pilots or veterans that experienced more than
10,000 flight hours. one has almost 10,000 hours of experience. >> reporter: characterically he bowed his head in apology. we don't know if it was captain or copilot that brought the plane in. it's sharper than typically iast in the runway. take a look at animation, glide slope to the flight the day before the crash. that friday july 5th. they refer to the trajectory from 11,900 feet. then july 6th, compare that, comes in from 18,000 feet, much steeper descent over the same distance, six miles. and you can see an attempt to pull up from the seawall at the end of the runway. 50% higher and 50% faster
than normal. flight deck having to explain why such an acute descent and why such velocity was involved in the landing. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: there have been a handful of major deadly plane crashes in the united states since the terror attacks of 9/11. february 12th, 2009 a flight crashed into a house near buffalo, new york killing 49 people on the plane. one person in that home. august 27th, 2006, a conair flight crashing into a wood area. killing 49 people of the 50 people on board. january 8th, 2003, an air midwest flight crashing shortly after takeoff from charlotte, north carolina, killing all passengers on board and two pilots. november 12th, 2001, an american airlines flight went down in queens within
minutes of takeoff. all 251 passengers and nine crew members on board were killed along with five people on the ground. we are awaiting the latest information on the tragedy in san francisco. n.t.s.b. as we mentioned to you, scheduling a news conference within a few minutes, possible updates on the status of those black boxes that were taken to washington, d.c. when it happens. we will bring it to you live. >> heather: fox news alert. on a horrifying train explosion in canada. the death toll at five and expected to rise in the growing fears of another blast. take a look at this amateur video of derailment. driveless runaway train hauling millions of gallons of oil jumps the rails. it goes toward a small town and explodes right in the heart of it. day and a half later, two
oil filled tankers are still burning and posing a serious threat to the lake side town. all this happening in eastern quebec. hundred miles from the border with maine. witnesses describe the scene as a river of fire. listen. >> you can see the train but it was going so fast you couldn't even see the cars. there were some sparks and car lifted and came to lie on the side in front of me. i turned around and ran without stopping. >> there were big balls of fire above the cafe. we jumped over the railing. we jumped in the street and just the time it crossed street it was filled with fire. it was river of fire. >> the explosion destroying dozens of buildings forcing some 2,000 people out of their homes. at least 40 are still unaccounted for as rescue
crews searched for survivors, police are a working around the clock to piece together what happened, what caused the derailment in the first place. >> all during the night we had our investigators here on the scene to meet with people that might have seen anything that occurred during the fire yesterday morning. of course, we have a lot of police officers right now on the scene to look out for security reasons. >> heather: some 150 firefighters are on the scene including some from the u.s. trying to contain those burning tankers. >> gregg: now to the increasingly tense standoff unfolding in egypt. tens of thousands of protestors continue to pack into cairo's tahrir square following the ousting of mohammed morsi sparking new
clashes between pro and anti-government protestors. as the country's interim leaders remain in heated deadlock on who should lead the new government. gregg palkot has the latest. >> reporter: it is an extremely noisy night here in tahrir square. those that supported ouster of mohammed morsi, they are out in force. we have seen thousands pull up in the square. they have been klantd go slogans and sending up fireworks. they want to lock in the gains of this week. there is a new interim government in place. there is an interim president in place and firmly backed up by the military. however, just a few miles away, another large crowd of pro morsi activists. they have been organized by the sluayist muslim brotherhood. they are demanding the reinstatement of the ex-president.
there have been no clashes between the two sides. we have seen dozens of people killed and more than a thousand injured in incidents. as there are new reports in the past three or four minutes regarding the makeup of this new government. we have been told in the past 24 hours that the ex-chief of the nuclear watchdog agency mohamed elbaradei would be the new prime minister. apparently the new allies nixed that idea. latest word is fellow by the name zihad isle zin we are told he a liberal politician, someone acceptable to all sides. mohamed elbaradei will be the deputy or vice president in this new interrirm government. what we can absolutely confirm is the sentiment down on the streets is not favorable to the united
states policy. we have been watching a lot of people coming in here reading a lot of their signs and banners and they are very upset with washington's take on everything. those that have demanded the ouster of morsi thinking is thinks that washington stayed with him too long and they may still be backing morsi. at the same time morsi supporters think the united states must have known about the change and takeover what they brand as a military coup. very interesting and tricky times in egypt right now. >> gregg: it is certainly is. thanks as much. >> heather: fox extreme weather alert. firefighters in california battling a canyon fire from the air. the fire scorching about 700 acres of thick vegetation. this east of julian. fire officials reporting that the flames are moving at a rapid rate of speed with only 10% containment.
janice dean has more. >> unfortunately this area is going to remain warm and dry and breezy over the next several days. the forecast of julian, california, very warm and very dry here. we're going to get wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour. that will not help firefighters and no rain in the forecast. there is the satellite radar imagery. looking out across the west, we do have showers and thunderstorms for parts of the great basin and four corners. that will cool things off a little bit and give some relief to the dozen of wildfires that are burning across the west. we are seeing a lot of moisture working its way up to the ohio river valley and eastern great lakes. part of the reason is we have a warm, sticky air mass in front of this system. we could see the potential for hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes. we have severe thunderstorm watch in effect until
11:00 p.m. local time. we have some thunderstorm warnings. we'll keep you up to date. as i mentioned it's warm and sticky. heat advisories, heat warning for the new york city area where it feels like 100 degrees. there are the current temperatures. 89 in new york. 90 in washington. factor in the humidity, it feels close to 100 degrees in these areas. thankfully, things are going to let up a little bit and we'll get some relatively cooler temperatures. also wanted to make mention, we are watching the tropics this area of gulf of mexico. out in atlantic this is going to be our next main storm. watch what happens as we take a look at the computer models going three throughout the weekend early next week, by next weekend, we could be talking about a tropical storm, maybe a hurricane -- we'll keep you up to date.
it's that time of season. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: didn't we just get through all of that. i could have sworn we did. all right. i want to show you some pictures, sad procession and cheerful making its way through arizona. the bodies of 19 firefighters killed heading home. remains in a separate hearst, it begun in phoenix and passing through the town in which they died and finally ending where they live in the mountain community of prescott, arizona. we're going to have more in a moment. ♪
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>>. >> gregg: n.t.s.b. investigators trying to piece together what went wrong with the asiana flight in san francisco as they look to technical factors. attention is turning away from what is known as wind shear and focusing on microburst which we'll explain in just a moment. joining us is mike smith who a meteorologist who has vast experience on this subject. this there you see what is essentially our diagram of what happened. mike, explain to me first of all why this is not wind shear? >> in order to get a microburst, gregg, you have to have a thunderstorm or thunderstorm related cloud. we didn't have that in san francisco yesterday. it was actually a very fine day for flying with stable
air and very good atmosphere for flying. light winds, clear skies, good visibility. so we know it wasn't a microbursted because we didn't have the right kind of clouds for one. >> gregg: now, talk to us a little bit about microbursts. >> a generation ago in 70s and 80s, microbursts was the number one cause of commercial airline accidents. we were losing a plane about every 12-18 months. we didn't understand until a doctor came along, you hear the name associated with the fugita scale and tornadoes, he discovered the type of intense change in wind speed and wind direction that we call a microburst. jet planes are much more susceptible to microburst wind shear than propeller planes. you had in the 200afgs when
the propellers were common they weren't affected by them but because the jets because it goes rapid changes of wind direction would lose altitude or crash short of runway. that is why people put two and two and thought yesterday's crash in san francisco might be a microburst. >> gregg: you see no sign of that? >> no sign at all. i'm certain there was no microburst involved. >> gregg: pilots are well-equipped to be able to detect microbursts and wind shear in advance? >> thanks to the work of dr. fugita, john mccarthy and number of researches. we have the technology in place to let the pilots know when a microburst may be present and stay away from it. pilots are taught how to get out of it if they wanted into one.
>> gregg: you took a picture of the down burst. take a look at this. here it is. explain what we're seeing here, mike. >> that is one of the most famous photographs in the history of meteorology. the theory was very controversial. a lot of meteorologists didn't believe they existed. i happened to be out storm ka chase weigh a friend and got this photograph of a microburst which confirmed that fugita's hypothesis they exited. rain is curling upward. this is part of the wind shear that would lift the plane above the glide slope -- you talked about it earlier in your newscast -- and slam it down to the ground. >> gregg: mike smith, meteorologist, thanks so much for being with us. >> heather: meantime, the u.s. is about to lose critical weather information.
aging weather satellites are tha supply forecasters with essential data are expected to fail before new ones can be launched. brian has more on this. >> aging weather satellites provide data for tracking blid arizona and heat waves but many have gone past that their expiration dates leading us up to a four-year information void. >> worse-case scenario is going back ten years in our capability to monitor and predict the weather, which means unfortunately greater chance of loss of life and loss of property with severe economic consequences. >> scientists are especially concerned the satellite that they operate go 13. mal fixed the second time of a year most recently in may. it's the main geo satellite
that monitors the eastern seaboard. seven year system mal fudged ahead of super storm sandy. it's one of aging satellites capable of failing. it's part of a committee that monitors the current state of earth satellites and she warns the government needs to act fast. >> we're definitely encountering a basically near perfect storm here. we have rising costs. we have had two recent launch vehicle failures for earth science missions. there is no way to launch these at the rate it would take to replace the ones that are being lost. >> and two vital polar orbiting is likely to be launched in 2017. noaa continues to develop mitigation plans for satellite coverage these plans will be reassess
today account for new developments as they occur. scientists we spoke to estimate up to a trillion dollars of our economy relies on accurate forecasts from agriculture and transportation and to the military. >> heather: thank you so much. >> gregg: we do want to say welcome and hello to brian who put brian back up here. he a terrific reporter who did great work at the vatican. you and i worked together for a long period of time, welcome to fox news. we are so happy to have you with us. thanks. >> thanks, i appreciate that. >> we are just minutes away from a news conference from the n.t.s.b. where we expected to get new details what may have led to the crash of flight 214 in san francisco. >> heather: and egypt's central leader struggling to restore order following the ouster of mohammed morsi. how should the u.s.
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>>. >> gregg: we are awaiting a news conference from the n.t.s.b. on the latest developments in the san francisco airplane crash. a live look in san francisco. the ntsb investigators, they have removed the black boxes from the plane. the flight data recorder,
cockpit voice recorder. they have been sent to washington, d.c. very quickly i would imagine they can analyze them. elizabeth prann is live with more. do we expect to learn what happened here or not? >> reporter: we're hoping to get preliminary results. we're awaiting to see what investigators have learned so far from the data collected at the crash site. earlier today n.t.s.b. releasing these photographs showing the plane's black boxes. you can see the cockpit voice recorder and both could offer insight moments before impact. what they have said the outside appearances appear to be in good condition as you go see from the photographs. throughout the day experts have told us with this technology, investigators can re-create the accident. we also learn if the pilots were using the glad path navigation system that help
pilots. >> we do know it was a visual approach. there was a notice that had been issued by the airport saying that the glide path was off and it was going to be off for a period of time for repair, but the glide path alone, that is simply one of a number of devices that the flight crew uses to assist them in landing. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the n.t.s.b. has not necessarily confirmed or denied whether it was use ordinary repaired at the time of the accident. >> gregg: have they given an indication there was a problem with the aircraft itself? >> no and boeing 777 has a very strong safety record. it's part most popular part of twin engines. it's been 18 years since the aircraft has been involved in a fatal accident. a 77 you 7-200 has a wing
span of 200 feet and can carry 400 people. boeing did a release it will join and assist with any investigation that the federal government needs. >> gregg: terrific track record, it's the workhorse for boeing one of the most popular and widely used jets. let's go to the n.t.s.b. they are about to begin. elizabeth, thanks. >> the incident scene and conducting their investigation. our hearts go out to the family members of two passengers that died and all of those that were injured in the crash. i wanted to personally thank 225 first responders who did an amazing job. incident could have been much worse without their outstanding work, particularly thank my airport commission staff, police department staff, fire department staff and all the first responders
the who responded. i wanted to report that as of 30 minutes ago, runway 28 right is back in service. so three of the four runways are back in service. we're handling about 33 landings per hour, that is equivalent to normal conditions with a lot of clouds. we will be experiencing delays. i want to particularly thank mayor lee for his leadership. he was here all day yesterday and again today supporting our efforts and i would like to turn it over to mayor lee before the ntsb reports on their efforts. mayor lee? >> thank you, john. thank you everyone for being here this afternoon for this update and report. as john martin said earlier we are having this full
investigation and it has been taken over by the national transportation safety board. before i do that i wanted to also give my personal thanks to the first responders. we've been listening very carefully to the doctors and nurse reports this morning. clearly from the doctors' perspective particularly those that are treating the critically injured from the crashes of yesterday, they are very appreciative that as chaotic, as dangerous as the crash incident site was yesterday, they are using the words miraculous and remarkable, the persons brought to them with serious injuries that are surviving very serious injuries were the result of very, very good triage work
that was done at the crash site with the various transportation modes that were used to bring them directly to the hospitals. this is going to be with the injuries that they have notified us about that they are treating, they are saying but for that triage work that was done at the crash site, some of these victims would not have survived as they are now. i'll be going over there to s.f. general to give my own comforted to those under treatment but that is the assessment that the doctors are giving us. having said that i also want to say there is just quite a high number of people that have responded in addition and follow-up to the 225 first responders. united airlines and special efforts were given to them flying additional personnel in from chicago along with
their partner asiana airlines. they have been treating the passengers and their friends and passengers all through the evening this morning. then i want to also give acknowledgement the airport accommodations unit that has given standard passengers some comforted as their flights are cancelled. in addition i want to thank the san francisco airport. i've been with them this morning. they have been helping and assisting everyone at the airport get to a level of comforted and they've been working really hard to make sure everyone is taken care of. even though we experienced a high number of flight cancellations, they have been working at very high level. there are, as john martin said earlier, the runway is now secured on 28 right.
i also want to thank the extra custodians that were brought in to work with the ntsb to clear that runway so it can be used. again, as chaotic as the site was yesterday, i think a number of miracles occurred to save many more lives. with that, we'll answer a few questions around this aspect before turning it over to debra, chair of the n.t.s.b.. >> cleared off the other runway yet, what has to be done to make sure that runway is safe for aircraft to land on? >> this is an example we refer to the n.t.s.b. they have an investigative process that they need to go through. they need to give us clearance that they have conducted the necessary work before items can be removed. so we're going to defer to their process of investigation before we
initiated efforts to reopen that final runway. >> the landing gear, were those working yesterday? >> yesterday, all of the systems that were required were operable, were operating under clear weather conditions and using visual flight rules and all the assistance required for runway use were fully functional yesterday. everything that was required. faa really determines what equipment is required to use the runway under any given condition. in this situation, all of the systems that were required were in use. i would say that we have an system that is make up a localize ear and glide slope indicator. localizer was functional. glide slope indicator was not functional but neither of these items were required nor in use given yesterday's operations. >> backing lights of those -- >> i don't have that information. >> would you say, a
seasoned pilot -- i'm not trying to suggest any pilot in particular, but with the information yesterday would any pilot have needed the extra instruments to land any plane? >> we're operated under visual flight rules. pilots visually sight and report the runway. that is the primary under yesterday's conditions. we also augmented go that a precision report a monitoring system which a supplemental system but beyond what is required. at this time i'm going to turn it over to the n.t.s.b. chairperson. debra. >> on behalf of all the board members and staff of n.t.s.b. we offer condolences to families that lost loved ones in the crash. our thoughts go to those
that are hospitalized for a speedy recovery. i'm here to provide an update on the crash that occurred here yesterday in san francisco involving asiana flight 214. we have an organizational meeting this morning. we involved our parties to our investigation, those people that can provide expertise through our investigators as well as individuals that have been working on the scene since the crash occurred. we outline the work we intended to accomplish today. i'm going to talk to you about some of the work that has already been completed and some of the work in progress. first, i'd like to share with you a preliminary review or an audition of the cockpit recorder and flight recorder. we had investigators that arrived on the scene and they were able to secure the cockpit and voice recorder and they went back
to d.c. on "redeye" flight. they were escorted by federal air marshals and met by investigators in washington, d.c. this morning. they were taken to our lab in washington and read out. we had good data on both and from a preliminary audition, i'm going to give you some high points. the cbr was at two l recording and it was good quality. the recording begin while the aircraft was in cruise flight, two hours out. the flight is cleared for the visual approach to runway 28 left. this is confirmed by the crew. the aircraft was configured for approach, again this is based on the cockpit voice recorder. the communication between the crew and the cockpit.
the aircraft was configured for approach with the flap at 30 degrees and gear down. the target feed for the approach was 137 knots. the approach proceeded normally as they descend. there is no discussion of any aircraft anomaly or concern with the approach. a call from one of the crew members to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. the sound of the shaker occurs at approximately four seconds prior to impact. they call to initiate a
go-around occurred 1.5 seconds before impacted. again, what i just gave you was a brief recap of what our team in washington and our lab heard on the cockpit voice recorder when they auditioned it. now i'm going to talk to you about the flight data recorder. there are 24 hours of recorded data on the flight data recorder. there are 1400 parameters of recorded data. this flight data recorder captured the entire flight. during the approach the data indicate that the throttle were idle and air speed was slowed below the
target air speed. the throttles are advanced a few seconds prior to impact and the engines appear to respond normally. again, i just giving you a brief summery of what our team found today as they auditioned first the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. i'm going to talk to you a little bit about triple 7 and give you basic facts about the aircraft. this was an asiana triple 7-200, tail number was hl-7742. as far as manufacturing was line number 553 off the line. the factory roll out was in february of 2006 and the
delivery occurred approximately one month later. it is equipped with pratt and whitney pb 490 engines. it has about 36,000 hours and the aircraft has about 5,000 cycles. the delivery was configured for 303 seats. 32 of those are in business. 271 are economy seats. the plane was delivered over 1100 triple 7 of the triple 7, 200 er types they have delivered 421 of those. of the aircrafts that are equipped with triple 7 equipped with the pratt and
when it any 4,000 series engine, that number is 169. there are triple 7's equipped with g.e. 90 series engines, 721 of those and there are triple 7's equipped with rolls royce trent series begins and those in numbers are 223. the pratt and whitney engine entered service in june of 1995. we had our organizational meeting today. we talked about the site secure and we received excellent cooperation from san francisco airport officials with respect to securing the accident site since the accident and during the overnight hours, airport emergency operations were activated.
today they were in the process of removing any hazmat or any materials from the site that could be of risk to our investigators in and responders. so they are doing that today. we have received excellent support from the f.b.i., both here in san francisco and from teams that have traveled from quantico, the evidence response team is helping us document the accident site. we also have teams from the field office that are here to help us as well as hazmat experts from the f.b.i. we are receiving excellent support from our federal, state and local partners. we really appreciate that. we've worked very hard to get 28 right and reopened today and so, i know that you and the airport officials were glad to see that runway
reopened. we know this is an inconvenience. a lot of travelers and we respect they have many challenges associated with moving on so we are working on to complete our work as fast as we can to get the airport back to full strength. let me tell you about some of other groups about the activities they are under taking. we have an operations group, they are focused really on crew and operations issues. they are going to evaluate the geography if i of the site and document the cockpit instruments and cockpit seats and instruments. flight plans and flight tips as the information staff -- that the crew have to make decisions. the overall conditions in the aircraft and in the cockpit. how they might have evacuated. there ther going to be looking at flight training and operations manuals, at the crew's experience.
at the flight management system and flight management computer. the cockpit configuration and there has been a lot of discussion about stabilizized approaches and we'll be looking at that closely. we do hope to interview the crew within the next few days. we have a power plant team and they are looking at engine. they will be looking at the general conditions and taking a lot of photographs. they can tell through their examinations whether or not the engine is rotating at the time of the crash. they will be looking to document that and the condition and evidence if there was any fire that may have originated in the engine. there are electronic modules, devices that do record fault. they will be looking at the trending of the engines.
they will likely to a engine tear down that will take place at pratt and whitney facilities at a later point in time. we have a survival factors team. they are doing an initial survey. they have been out there for hours. there is an intensify debris field they are documenting. they want to locate the four corners of the wreckage. they will be looking through the wreckage field to identify important parts. they have documented the locations of the rest of the two fatalities. >> gregg: the head of the ntsb.
what it appears they were in a decelerating situation. most probably they came down from a high altitude, she also said that the throttles were idle. so picture yourself coming down a very steep incline. you are gaining speed as you are coming down so you put the throttles back to idle. engines are spoold down. which means they are not on demand like a propeller. it takes a while to spool those-ins back up. you are trying to work off the altitude. you have the power back at idle which is very unusual. you are coming down the hill. now all of a sudden you are getting in the landing environment and starting to bleed off that air speed. the air speed goes below
the target air speed, next thing she said was a stick shaker sound was on. stick shaker literally shakes the stick of the airplane to get the pilot's attention that you are about to enter a stall speed. what happened is, it sounds like they are coming downhill. they are bleeding off air speed the throttles are back at idle, they bleed off too much air speed. now, they realize they are low and flat. stick shaker is going off. somebody in cockpit, go around, go around, let's get out of here. they throw the throttles up but it takes so long for those engines to spool back you they impacted the ground and shattered the tail off the aaron. at that point --. >> gregg: i've got 90 seconds before a break. why would this happen? is this pilot error?
>> it is starting to shape up as pilot error. yes. throat sl colonel coming down. we talked about this before. when you do an approach, open ocean or over a large body of water and you are looking ahead and you can physically look at i'm very high or low. he obviously thought he was high and had to come down and bleed it off and he got himself way behind the power curve to where going to full throttle wasn't going to help. >> gregg: wouldn't his instruments told him he was off. >> the copilot. okay. what you've got, gouf on the pilot flying the aircraft and you've got the pilot who is monitoring are backing him up. that is what you need
to be. >> heather: so they is a lot being talked about in terms of the glide path that was non-operational. >> the airport spokesperson, they were careful to say all systems required were working. as part of their system, two elements to it and glide path was not operational. would that have affected this? >> not -- let's put it this way if they were able to back themselves up with the glide path it may not have happened because they would have realized where they were in glide slope. it sounds like they were working at high situation and got themselves all the way back at idle trying to bleed off that altitude and get down. they realized they were above glide slope. they flew through the glide slope and with the power back at idle. that is all these wrote. >> gregg: captain nash,
we'll be right back.
: clear:
>> planned new information on the flight of asiana flight with the not conserve -- with the ntsb saying they tried to increase the speed moments before crash. >> gregg: glad you are with us. analysts at ntsb have also made their way through the flight data cockpit voice recorder, the
evidence could be crucial in finding out what went wrong. we are on the ground in san francisco at the international airport with the latest information. claudia, what information do you have? >>reporter: yes, the headline, some of the headlines from the press conference we saw, what you mentioned during the approach, data indicates that the speed was too slow. the speed was too slow. a call from a crew member went out to increase the speed seven seconds before the plane went down. investigators hope to interview the crew members include the mights in the next few days spending most of the first full day in san francisco at the crash site runway 28l. and analyzing and gathering evidence. they have been showing dramatic pictures of the charred wreckage
showing the extent of the damage inside. many say it is a miracle that more than 300 people were able to escape when the plane landed. it lost the tame section and filled with smoke. we hear accounts of bravery and police say some could not unbuckle the belts so first responders tossed up their knives to the people so that the trapped passengers could cut themselves free. investigators have sent the two black boxes from the flight 214 to the agency headquarters in washington, dc, for analysis. we heard of some of the preliminary data, and they do expect to get a wealth of information of what the crew was doing and how the plane was functioning from the crock pit voice recorder and flight data recorder. they are looking at video and talking to eye ones and gathering all the evidence they could to put together what happened in the moments just before the plane went down. they want to know what caused this crash but they also want to learn from it to prevent future
tragedies. >> gregg: what is the information at the airport? >>reporter: three of the four runways here are open now and more planes are able to get in and out. enough have been canceled and the f.a.a. is reporting delays up to nine hours with hundreds of san franciscos passengers trying to figure out alternative travel plans. it is still rough going at sfo even with three of the four runways open. there is still no word on when the four the runway 28 left will re-open because the charred wreckage is still out there. it remains the focus of a major federal investigation. >> gregg: literally, shoulder by shoulder sweeping across the runway, picking up and looking through the evidence there. it will be a long-term before
they open up 28l. claudia, thank you from sfo. we are getting a riveting account from one of the passengers on board the asiana plane showing how everyone helped one another. >> it was slow-motion. we could not believe it was happening. you did not know if you would be dead at the end of this or not. the plane stops. the person to my left was injure ed and was unconscious. i unbuckled myself. i was hurting but not too open. i opened the door. the door we managed to get up. this were no slides. i could see the debris but looking further, i told people, we okay, come down, come down.
>> gregg: no slides. he said there was no warning by the pilot or crew before the plane stopped at the end of the runway. >> heather: as we told you the ntsb giving a brief summary of the contents of the black box contents including the data and cockpit voice recorder. what, exactly, does this tell us about the crash in or what went wrong? the former ntsb member during the reagan administration and chairman of the omega systems group. thank you for joining us. take us through what was discussed by the ntsb and their initial assessment of the black box. we heard them discuss the cockpit voice recorder, a call from the crew to increase speed which was made at seven seconds prior to impact. then, the sounds of a stick shaker approximately four seconds prior to impact. then a go around call 1.5
seconds before impact. what does that say to you in terms of the cause and what was going on? >> guest: it is evident to me that now we have the cause of what caused the aircraft to hit the airport low but this is not the end of this story. the survivability as you have discussed is really remarkable in this accident. as we come down, and i have flown jump seat in most of the aircraft and watched the crew operate, one of the pilots is flying, the other pilot is reading out just like chuck nash said. the two pilots realize they are dropping too fast and the engines do not spool up right away. as they go to regain their airspeed the fact is they could not get enough airspeed to clear. the tail is whipped off. the neat thing yesterday was that the plane broke apart wonderfully.
the bulkhead with the passengers, that was the place of break off saving a lost lives. >> heather: but the two fatalities, the two 16-year-old girls were actually thrown from the plane and their beds were discovered on the runway and that is how they died. you also said there were some other blessings involved in this. that is one of the things which included the weather conditions. >> guest: it is wonderful the weather was adequate because we were concerned early open about microburst, vertical wind shafts but that did not occur. the weather was okay the visibility was all right. they saw the airport way behalf they came in. that was all right, as well. that is one of the blessings. the other blessing is that the aircraft broke apart in a wonderful way. the left landing gear collapsed. the left engine departed.
that was a fire source. it was left behind. we only had engine as a fire source. >> heather: in the latest news conference we heard what i believe to be a spokesman for the airport, very specific in his wording, saying that all systems required were working under those visual flight rules you mentioned. there has been a lot of conversation about the ils system saying there were two elements to the ils system at the airport in san francisco saying one was not operational. that was the glidepath portion of the i.l.s. system. could that, if it was operational, could that have assisted the pilots? >> guest: it is very unlikely to my way of thinking that would have assisted. they would have it for a backup but they had good visual contact. the glideslope enables them to see the airport.
the descent rate was too high they started too high. the engines were spooled back. when they could gain speed again, it was too late. >> heather: why did that happen initially? was it pilot error? >> guest: no one likes to use that term. i don't like to use it, either. it probably does involve error of judgment there. the cockpit resource management, c.r.m. is very important. how they pass off to each pilot, their responsibilities and the non--flying pilot should have warned him possibly earlier than he did in order to get airspeed back up. >> heather: doctor, thank you for joining us with your insight. >> gregg: the most noted pilot in the country, captain sully who landed the flier -- the flight safely on the hudson river is reacting to the crash and describes the difficulty
that pilots face landing at sfo, saying and i quote, "the f.a.a. classified it as a special airport along with other airports worldwide that involve mountainous terrain other other challenges surrounded by water," and water is a featureless rather table and depth perception can be difficult with shifting wind and low visibility. there are several things that make it special and hightory rain just beyond it. health health word today that facebook cheap operating officer was supposed to be on the asiana flight. she and other top executives returned from a business trip in korea. they landed just 20 minutes after the crash. they switched flights to use frequent flying miles. she wrote and i quote, "taking a minute to be thankful and explain what happened, my family, colleagues, and were originally going to take the
asiana flight that just crash-landed." >> gregg: now other top stories, the situation in egypt is grabbing a lot of attention this weekend. huge crowds continuing to pour into tahrir square while they are at another political crossroads for the second time in two years bracing for more violent and legal unrest as the interim leaders struggle to put together a new government and restore law and order. greg is in cairo. >>reporter: the noise continues here in tahrir square. those who backed the out of thing of egyptian president morsi are make they willselves her. we watched tens of thousands coming to the square to see a past resolution and now a new resolution is taking place. they want to lock in the achievements including the
establishment of a new interim government, although it is firmly backed by the generation military. a few miles away there is another large crowd and they are pro morsi activists put together by the muslim brotherhood rallying what they think is happening because he is being detained. there are no deadly clashes in cairo that we have seen but we have seen reports of an egypt soldier killed in by islamist. there are new reports regarding the mackup of the new government. we were told that the ex chief of the u.n. nuclear agency was going to be the new interim prime minister but there are new reports, now, that a reformist politician will get the prime minister job but this is in confirmation on this. what we can say, greg, what is certain on the streets of cairo,
folks are not happy with the united states. or the obama administration handle of the situation which has shown various people carry signs and posters with strong blasts against washington policy and those who are demanding that morsi get out and they think that washington stayed with him for too long or could even be staying with him now and the morsi supporters thing the united states must have known about what they are branding a simple military coup. by the way, much of the staff of the embassy which is only a block away from this area right now have been pulled back for their state. back to you. >> gregg: greg, thank you from cairo. >> heather: new to the latest on the case of n.s.a. leaker edward snowden, a top member of russian parliament suggesting
edward snowden take up the offer by veteran develop who is holed up in now for two weeks at the airport and has been offered asylum by the leaders of bolivia and nicaragua but house intelligence committee chairman rogers telling cnn if any of the leaders made good on their offer, it would seriously compromise their relationship with the united states. listen. >> the chinese got everything they needed out of snowden and the russias have gotten everything they need from snowden and the next chapter in this book is somewhere in latin america one of these countries who is an add certificate sear to the united states, using this as a public relations tool, you should not allow this to happen and shrug it off. this is serious business. those latin america companies enjoy certain trade benefits with the united states. we ought to look at all of that to send a clear message we will not put up with this behavior.
>> heather: the venezuela foreign minister said they have yet to make contact with snowden and there is no understanding on what the authorities are doing to try to get him back. greg new detail on the asiana flight, with a key navigational instrument that helps pilots during landing was actually turned off. >> heather: why investigators believe that death toll will rise in the run away train accident in canada. pluses new questions in the george zimmerman mile, was the autopsy on trayvon martin done by the books. >> whether it is one to three minutes or one to ten minutes, he was going to die and never recover from the gun shot wound. >> he had no chance. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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murder trial tomorrow. before the prosecution wrap up, we heard from the associate medical examiner who performed the autopsy on trayvon martin's remains testifying that the teen was still alib minutes after he was shot. it is my opinion he was still alive. he was still in pain. he was still suffering. >> heather: now we have the forensic patologist and a fox contributor. than you for joining us. we will talk about the change in opinion on a couple of points in a moment including the time frame of which trayvon martin was still alive, also, the use of marijuana found in his system but just a general question. the state has wrapped up the case on friday. did the testimony of the doctor
as a medical examiner hurt or help the case? >> guest: the testimony was very confusing. it didn't help the prosecution. certainly, the jury was there when he was arguing with the judge and not answering the questions that were asked of him. i think he also made a serious error no telling the audience, the jury, that the only thing the medical examiner does is find the cause of death and manner of death. you have to do an autopsy to determine that trayvon martin died of a gunshot wound to the chest. the medical examiner is supposed to learn. what direction was it going on? how close was the gun to the body at the time of discharge which the prosecution didn't really bring up with anyone.
looking at the autopsy report, this autopsy report that showed the gases coming from the muzzle of the gun is 2" apart, indicating it was 3" or 4" away. that should be looked at. it indicates that martin is on top of george zimmerman, beating him, punching him. or maybe there was distance and he was trying to get away. you have to be many inches away to get that kind of a spread. >> heather: that is part of the case, who was the aggressor. >> guest: apparently it is no one's job because no one else spoke to the distance or how close martin was at time he was
shot to george zimmerman. >> heather: and changing his opinion, as he was referencing and the soundbite we heard, regarding the time, the amount of time that trayvon martin was alive following the shooting and, also, marijuana that was traced in his system, trayvon martin, whether that would have affected his behavior. initially, he said no, and he changed his opinion and said it would. >> guest: he kept reading books because he didn't have personal expense in this, although he has been working in florida for four or five years as a compelled examiner and he read books and arms and it is possible that when someone is shot law the heart too lose consciousness immediately and the heart could keep beating poorly for another five or ten minutes and technically as long as the heartbeats, then, technically, you are alive. >> heather: which now he has
changed the story to say he could have been alive five minutes. >> guest: that is misleading, he was in a situation where he could not move around or say anything and when he volunteered, he volunteered he had a lot of pain and suffering, indicating for many minutes -- that is not true. he could be unconscious in seconds and then the heart keeps beating until gradually it stopped which happens in many cases. it is not when the heart stops ben but you lose consciousness. >> heather: he was argumentive with the judge and with the police and talking about putting the body in a plastic bag which would damage the evidence and he had people from his staff that did a similar thing. >> guest: absolutely. it is kind of odd because he says the miss made a mistake by
putting martin in a plastic bag because the clothing could not dry. he would fire someone that did that, he said, but when he was finished with the clothing and sent it to the ballistic people, he put it back in different plastic bags so when they received it, it was still wet and this brings up the whole issue, a lot of the evidence may have been lost, d.n.a. evidence, and the gunshot residue evidence could have been lost because the clothing was never dried by the police or by him. >> heather: the defense gets their chance next and they will have their own medical examiner. >> guest: they will probably have one of his pictures on ballistic evidence coming in for the defense and use that. it will probably disagree with
what he said. >> heather: thank you for joining us, dr. baden. greg should be incredible moment in moment, another learn end as dr. baden. >> headache obama as egypt erupts in violent protest. is the administration foreign policy partly to blame for the meltdown. the political insiders are here to weigh in. brand new information on the crash if san francisco the ntsb pouring over the contents of the vital black boxes to find out what went wrong. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone.
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>> heather: planned new information on the deadly crash of asiana flight 214 in san francisco. the ntsb examining the two black boxes, the flight data and cockpit voice recorder offering crucial data of the final moments. now the ntsb is asking for your help if you have photos of the accident, visit their website at . in washington we go to elizabeth. what does we learn today from the ntsb? >>reporter: the flight was normal until seven seconds prior to impact where pilots attempted to increase speed but abort the landing. all operations were functioning
normal except the we we glidepath system including two hours of data from the cockpit voice recorder and 24 hours from the data recorder capturing the entire flight. the spokesman from not conserve spoke -- from the ntsb spoke with the reporters. >> a scale by a crew member to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. the sound of the stick shaker occurs approximately four seconds prior to impact. a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds of with impact. >> heather: the pilot requested a go around 1.5 seconds prior to impact and said
it was idle on the threat el so it would take times to get the engines ready. this is a huge aircraft and changing speed that quickly is nearly impossible. heather? >> heather: have officials stated the cause of the accident? >>reporter: this is a preliminary review and they have not said exactly what caused the crash. yes, we have learns all operations were normal with the exception of the glidepath and experts have repeatedly told us under the perfect weather conditions a plane can be landed visually. this is where the vote d -- investigators will re-create, basically, the incident. this aircraft has a very strong safety record. specifically, it has been 18 years since the aircraft has been involved in a fatal accident. >> heather: thank you, elizabeth. >> gregg: a major new
challenge for the obama administration. egypt is certainly on the brink after the overthrow of a freely elected president and it looks like a return of military rule and fear those creeping closer to civil war. some blame the chaos to foreign policy. arguably a blunder by president obama. bringing in john leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york, pat caddell, fox news contributor, a former pollster for president jimmy carter from his european vacation and doug schoen, a fox news contributor, who did not go to europe, and just had a birthday. was a pollster for bill clinton. the president is 0-2 the first
president and then the second. >> that is the problem the everyone in the middle east is mad at the president or sees him as as impotent. he action -- acquiesced to the voting in of morsi, and the bottom line the arabs and the israelis can not even talk. >> gregg: we give them $1 billion a year. what do we get for our money? >> the military talks to us. the president goes to africa on $100 million trip and rome is burning. the world is going up in flames. they are paying the rice. this administration has been -- the outreach to the muslim
brotherhood in egypt and around the world, which i consider one degree of separation from al-qaeda, basically, as well as domestically has backfireed. rarely have i seen people calling for the army to overthrow an elected government. this government has been suspending the constitution and they were threatening israel again. this has been a no-brainer. our secretary of state --. >> gregg: three was on his yacht. the secretary of state, there he is, on his multimillion dollar yacht. >> to be out there wednesday and thursday while egypt is going up in flames is disgraceful. it is not right. should have been on the phone, working this problem, deserves all the criticism he is getting. >> gregg: america has vital
interests in europe. >> let me echo what these guys said more strongly. when president obama won in 2008 and he went to cairo in 2009 as the 2009 he invited the muslim brotherhood to attend the speech bring them out of the shadows and conferred american legitimacy on bad guys. they are bad guys. they are the radicals and the islamist movement. when the united states put the good housekeeping stamp of approval on them, it is bad. >> gregg: now the poll on the screen shows the presidential tracking poll shows the president continues to take a nose dive. his disapproval rating now is up to 53 percent. he is underwater here, obviously. 46 percent approve. >> there are three things going on. the imboy -- impotence in the
middle east and the uncertainty in the economy with some good economic news, the job report. the markets have been very volatile. particularly of great importance is the suspension of the employer mandate on obamacare. the is the failing. >> gregg: nicaragua, bolivia, and venezuela are mocking the president sheriff snowden. >> everyone is mocking the president including the russians, the chinese are mocking the president, all of the middle east which you were talking about, the secretary of state is involved. i am not say the israeli and palestinian peace talks are not important but he was in the region and syria was blowing up, and general was falling apart and iran about to get the bomb you would thing they have priorities. >> gregg: we have to get to obamacare. here is the president's signature achievement and this week he says, wait, just kidding, you don't have to,
employers, over 50 employees, you don't have to comply with the mandate. this is a horrible, horrible set back for obamacare. >> it is a big set back along with two others: the announcement that the exchanges they are trying to set up in each state are a mess. the i.r.s. problem. the discrediting of the i as a government agency applies in this case. they are hiring 15,000 new employees to enforce obamacare. >> under the same won who ran a charitable thing. >> you would not know from the opposition party. >> gregg: do you think obamacare will never happen? >> this is a chance it will be frozen or repealed. it is fatally flawed and not work the way the president wants. >> should the republicans delay,
delay, delay. >> delay and kill. delay and kill. >> this ridiculous behavior of the republican leadership and a phrase of wooden headedness applies to them. >> who, speaker boehner? >> yes, speaker boehner and candor and mcconnell. >>gregg: you are naming the two republican leaders of the house of representatives? >> yes, the center of an opposition party they are nowhere to be found, the i.r.s. thing has disappeared. the obamacare, take the i.r.s. out and delay. >> the delay things makes the most sense. democrats running if reelection next year in 2014 will probable say, you know, i wrote not mind delaying this for another four years. >> look at it this way, we will allegedly hire 20,000 new border guards when immigration across
the border has slowed and we are hiring 15,000 new i.r.s. agents to enforce obamacare, where is the focus on the economy and jobs? >> gregg: throw up the first graphic on obamacare. almost 60 percent of americans want to get rid of it. look at this, 58 percent, repeal all or some and 60 some odd percent think it will make health care -- 66 percent think it will make it worse. >> in the senate, run by the democrats, you will not get a total repeal passed in this senate but you could get a delay based on the fact they have delayed one part and the i.r.s. is if mayhem so it is not work ing. >> the costs are going through the roof on insurance premiums and it is turning into a nightmare. we said from the beginning, we said it was a crime against
democracy. if you like your health care you get to keep it. >> remember? >> gregg: we will pause for a quick break and republicans are looking for a magical potent. is the immigration bill the panacea? [ female announcer ] can it get any cleaner?
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>> heather: 19 people remain hospitalized, six in critical condition, following the plane crash at san francisco international airport. it also killed two teen girls. investigators are looking over the black boxes to determine the cause of the crash. >> the coast guard is shutting down part of the mississippi river in louisiana after a tugboat accident last night. two people were rescued from the 48' tug after it sank to the bottom of the river. the cause is still under investigation. >> hundreds of former fans braving long lines and least to trade in the unwant the jerseys of former patriot tight end hernandez. his memorabelia has been pulled after his arrest for murder last month. >> 27 percent of the hispanic
vote was lost because the rhetoric around immigration is tainted and the republican party brand with hispanic community for no good reason. >> gregg: immigration reform is the latest political football. and we have john leboutillier and pat caddell and doug schoen. are republicans on the right or wrong side? >> he is on wrong side. republicans are split, obviously, in the house of representatives and senate. big time. that thinking which is prevalent among senate republicans, up to a point, is if they pass this so-called comprehensive immigration bill which has basically amnesty in it, that will solve the problem. we have learned, the three of us, the republicans have a long term problem of tone of how they talk of the issue, talk about hispanics and immigrants. >> gregg: they are accused of being tone deaf.
>> what hispanics are here and are concerned is about getting good jobs and they not obsessed about immigration. this bill will not change anything. >> this is a great political misjudgments confirming this idea that it is a silver bullet. they lost asian members and then to the hispanics -- the republicans and romney -- they are --. >> gregg: isn't this better than the existing? >> you can make a case there is an imperative to solve immigration morale and a national policy imperative but to say it we have to do it to save the party when it does not do that when that is not the answer, that is a disaster. it is watching the republicans presenting the idea that they lost the election because of
hispanics. they lost because they cannot empathize. >> taking the big picture which doug has been talking about, the aimless presidency, what we really have, we have a vacuum in the white house. there isn't were happening in this administration. >> gregg: he is playing golf and basketball. >> on policy, on moving things, nothing has happened. on the republican side, they have disappeared, too. there is a vacuum. >> that is the president's strategy, to go hard left and demonize the republicans and the republicans, as beyond and pat say, are cooperating. >> gregg: more of the insiders each monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern on fox news and they will be back next sunday and you can follow them on twitter. back in a flash. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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>> gregg: the deadly crash of flight 214 killed two teen girls and injured 182 people. >> heather: if that number seems low, doctors have a warning: if you have survived a plane crash, get medical attention immediately because the symptoms may not be visible always, would you know what to
do in the event of an emergency landing in we will bring in a senior attending physician of emergency management medicine here in the bronx. 19 people, still, being treated in critical condition, many of those folks, as a result of the crash. you say there are some common injuries that occur in incidents like this. >> guest: and common things we can do to decrease chances of being injured if you are involved in a plane crash. some most common injuries are head trauma injuries from flying debris. the key thing that happened is the plane that is traveling a few hundred miles per hour and suddenly it stops aboutly and the effect on your body are tremendous. you may be belted in but your organs are moving inside your body when the flight stops and hits the ground. you can have fractures to your spine if the plane hits or
fractures to your chest and internal injuries from a forward deceleration or long bone injuries. what you need to do is a number of things on the plane. as you enter the plane, count the rows to the near of the exit. many times in the confusion after a crash, it is dark and smoky and you may not see the lighting. if you know you are three rows behind exit you can count your way up. follow the pre-flight movie they show. each plate is different. you want to know the safety features involved. wear a seatbelt when you can. wear good clothing on the airport. that includes long sleeve shirts and long pants and closed toe shoes which help with flying debris. >> heather: in this incident the top of the plane collapsed and that was prior to the fire there was a collapse and so you
are dealing with spinal injury, some rail sis. >> guest: that has to do with the tremendous stopping of 9 huge plain in motion and you and your body inside that plane are caught up in the forts can cause many injuries. >> gregg: head protection? >> guest: assume the brace position. if you know the plane is going to go down, there are two variations of brace position, where you put your head down on your lap or between your legs and grip your knees and put your hands in front of you on the seat back and put your fog head on it to rest your head on your hands and use a pillow. if you hold a small child cradle the baby. >> heather: what if you are not given a warning this is going to happen which these folks, this was no warning, it was seven seconds the pilot was expressing concern. what do do you?
>> guest: best thing when you are seat idea your seatbelt on. that is the least thing to do to help your safe passage on the plane if it is involved in an accident. if this is a fire which usually there is, stay low to the ground, where the air is frencher and clearer and the toxic fumes can knock you out and you may not be able to get off the plane. >> gregg: good advice. thank you for being with us. that is it for us, watch our ticker at bottom the screen for the updates on the aftermath of flight 214 and john roberts is here for chris wallace and i will be back at 7:00 p.m. eastern with "follow report." and mediterranean style varieties. ♪
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the path unclear in egypt as we are on the side lines. >> we want all sides to work together and we will discuss with two key senators, republican bob congresser and democratic jack reed. >> the battle over abortion, in xa